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1971 Kustom K150-8 Guitar Amplifier

Kustom amplifiers from the 1970s are instantly recognizable for their Naugahyde "tuck and roll" coverings. The solid state amps, produced in Chanute, Kansas, found their way onto stages with artists like Conway Twitty, the Jackson 5, and perhaps most famously, John Fogarty of Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Kustom amps had a reputation for reliability on the road. Tube amps are heavy due to the massive heat sinks in them and, of course, tubes break and have to be replaced. Kustom amps featured solid state technology with no tubes, which made them roadworthy. The owner of the company had done car customization in his younger years, before starting the company, and he applied the Naugahyde tuck and roll material to the amps for a distinctive, hot-rod look. The K150-8 was a 75 watt amplifier with four 10" speakers. It had two channels, not uncommon at the time. One was a plain channel and the other offered reverb and tremolo effects. One advantage of the non-tube technology