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Mu-tron Phase II by Musitronics

One of the signature sounds of the 1970s was the phase shifter. Musitronics made the Mu-tron Phase II in the mid- to late-1970s. Phase shifters were intended to sound something akin to the rotating Leslie speakers that organists used, which create a Doppler effect of sorts. The additional controls of depth, feedback, and speed allowed a wider variety of tones, some of which were quite extreme.  The Mu-tron Phase II came in a brushed metal casing that was surprisingly heavy and robust. A lit rocker switch informed you if the pedal was on or off, and it could act like a mute switch to turn off the signal chain when you were taking a break. The effect was AC powered, so you had to provide an outlet for it. At least you never had to worry about a 9V battery dying in the middle of a gig. The Mu-tron was a bit more expensive and it seemed to have a more high-fidelity sound than the popular MXR phase shifter of the time. It had more stages in the phase process and a wider frequency range. It