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Steinberger GL4TA Guitar

Here we have for your viewing pleasure is a 1990s relic: the GL4TA Steinberger guitar. The Steinberger was an attempt to bring the guitar down to something elemental. No body. No headstock. The body was made of graphite composites. The neck was comfortably chunky with a luxuriously smooth fingerboard. This model offered active electronics which allowed cutting or boosting treble and bass frequencies. The instrument also featured the astounding Trans-Trem, which allowed you to lock the tremolo into position, instantly transposing the guitar up or down in half-step increments. Instead of pickup selector switches, there was a push-button control center.  The downsides of the guitar were what also made it unique. The balance, lack of body and head took some getting used to. It required special strings to go into the odd nut/bridge combination. To me, it felt weird not having a place to rest my picking arm. It was lightweight, though, and if you traveled a lot, it was easy to take it on an