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Behringer V-Tone GM 110 amplifier

Behringer gets bashed a lot by guitar snobs. Overall they make great gear for guitarists on a budget. In the years I ran a music store, the guys who bought Gibson Les Pauls, PRS, or American Fenders were all doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals. The musicians were the guys who were putting their change together to buy the lead guitarist an E-string for the gig that night. Therefore I am a fan of budget gear. If you can find something inexpensive to do the job, especially if you are a hobbyist or a gigging musician, that's the gear I want you to know about. One of those piece of gear is the Behringer V-Tone GM 110 combo amp. Essentially what Behringer did is clone a much more expensive amp made by Tech 21. The amp features analog modeling that helps you get the characteristic sounds of other amps in a little practice combo amp. I used to keep one of these in my lesson studio at a community recreation center and one in my home studio. Back in the day, you could bu