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1985 Bond Electraglide

One of the most interesting ideas in guitar design was the Bond Electraglide. This innovative guitar was built out of graphite composites, featured active electronics, and had one of the most unusual neck/fingerboard concepts ever.  The Bond's neck and body were cast from one piece with no seam between them. The fingerboard was designed like a sawtooth, with no frets. The edge of the sawtooth was precisely measured to be elevated at the proper height at the place where a fret would normally be. The result was that the guitar felt almost fretless, but it played with the accuracy of a fretted instrument. The guitar's electronics were controlled by an external box that powered the active controls. On the guitar, there was not a pickup selector, but instead several push buttons that would switch the pickups into various combinations. The specific number of the combination would be displayed on a small, angled LED that was directed up toward the player. The buttons for the controls