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1970s Epiphone ET-280 Bass

This is the companion bass to the Epiphone ET-270. That particular guitar languished through the speed metal Eighties until Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain appeared playing one. All of a sudden, grunge music fans wanted them again. Unfortunately, the bass in that series didn’t enjoy the same resurgence in popularity. That’s a shame. The ET-280 is a unique-feeling short-scale bass. It has a fat, substantial neck with big frets on its rosewood fingerboard. The budget tuners do a good job of keeping things rock solid. The bridge is adjustable, but you have to watch the action height. Too low and the string will make contact with the long  screw! The finish is nothing to write home about. Most of the ones you find are red, but I have seen clones by other Japanese manufacturers that were sunburst.  The pickups is where the story is with this instrument. The pickups are almost microphonic in their chrome covers. The bridge or neck pickup alone are kind of bland, but when you put the selector in the mi

Cozart Tobacco Burst Electric 12-String

You have probably seen Cozart guitars pop up on your eBay searches, but you've probably been skeptical about the quality and the prices--because the price is so low on them. I took a chance on one about a year-and-a-half ago and got one of their electric 12-strings. With a little bit of easy tweaking (adjust the truss rod and intonation, pickup height, etc.) I had a great sounding and playing electric 12-string. This was great because, I don't play one all the time. Some songs, it can be just the thing to add sparkle to a track. When I played in a band once, I happened to have an electric 12-string that I'd play for just about three songs a night: the Beatles' "Happy Birthday," Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Passionate Kisses," and the Eagles' "Hotel California." Whenever people heard the sound of that electric 12, they'd almost run for the dance floor. There are way more songs than you can imagine that have electric 12-string--stuf