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Korg Ampworks modeling effects processor

Korg produced a series of multi-effects units during the 1990s and early 2000s. Some, like the Pandora, still fetch a pretty good price. The rest have come down in price and are pretty much undervalued. Multi-effect units are not in vogue like they were back in the day. I talked to a guy who runs a used music gear store and he has racks and racks of processors on the wall that he says he can't move. The pendulum has swung back to pedals again, despite all the sonic shortcomings they have. Part of the Korg line included Toneworks and Ampworks. Toneworks generally were easy to use pedalboards with standard offerings like distortion, compression, modulation, delay, or reverb. Instead of lengthy menus, they offered knobs you could twist and then save the settings into memory. The Ampworks device, which interests us today, was designed for use in the home studio, not the stage. It ran on batteries or an AC adapter. With batteries, the power drain was crazy! A set of new batteries last