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Mosrite Usa Joe Maphis Double Neck Guitar 1966 Vintage Mozlite Double

Continuing our recent interest in unusual, mutant guitars, here is the latest object of our admiration: a Mosrite Joe Maphis double neck from 1966. If you're not familiar with Joe Maphis, he was a lightning-fast country picker from the late Fifties and Sixties. This was the time when country guitar was clean and snappy. You'd never hear any distortion back in that time, at least not intentionally.  I only had the chance to play a Mosrite guitar once. It was a treat! They are truly oddball guitars from a time when builders tinkered with ideas like craftsmen and each guitar was built like a custom race car. The one I played was a single neck version, not a double, but I'm sure some of the qualities were similar.  The body on the Mosrites looked somewhat amorphous, but the single versions were something like a Strat turned upside down. The double neck version is the wider version based on that body design. The body was probably alder and the neck maple, with a rosewood fingerb