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1962 Gibson Melody Maker

The Gibson Melody Maker was an entry-level student instrument in Gibson's solidbody line. For many of us, this was the first Gibson we ever played. In my case, a friend loaned me his grown-up brother's Melody Maker and a Fender Princeton amp to practice my electric chops before joining the school jazz band. Hard to imagine that those items nowadays would add up to almost $2000 worth of equipment!  The Melody Maker had a solid mahogany body with a set-in neck. The neck profile was comfortably "Gibson" and was pretty fast. The frets were well-dressed, smooth, and level. The single-coil pickup and electronics were mounted on the pickguard and attached to the routed body.  These guitars were surprisingly tough and durable. The neck-body joint was solid and it could handle some manhandling. The tuners were the standard three-on-a-plate open gear models that you found on inexpensive guitars of the day. There wasn't much in the way of tone options, but the options availa