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Keith Urban Guitars

Perhaps you are old enough to remember getting a Sears catalog every Christmas. In the age before the Internet, it was the way we "surfed" and dreamed of the toys and games we wanted for Christmas. When we got old enough, we discovered that Sears had guitars and amplifiers in the catalog! For a great many of us, the Sears brand, Silvertone, is a fond memory. Those catalog guitars couldn't hold a candle to a cheap Fender Squier today, but they were our gateway into the world of rock and roll. Now the reason I preface this blog post in this fashion is that those catalog guitars, those Silvertones, are quite collectible nowadays. The guitar snobs of our youth, you know--that rich kid whose parents bought him a Stratocaster while you saved your money mowing lawns to buy a guitar--those snobs pooh-poohed your Silvertone. Now on eBay, the Silvertones have some cachet to them. This is the way I introduce the Keith Urban guitar line, which was sold online by the Home Shopping Net