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1978 Ovation Glen Campbell Signature 12-String

In the 1970s, when other American guitar manufacturers struggled with poor quality control and hostile buyouts, Connecticut-based Ovation produced innovative guitars that quickly began to dominate the stage. Ovation was a subsidiary of Kaman Corporation, a company that made radomes for helicopters. Charles Kaman, the company's owner got the idea that the synthetic material they used for radomes could be molded into a bowl shape that would replace the back and sides of a guitar. The company called the material "Lyrachord" and began making acoustic guitars with a bowl-shaped back. The guitars had tremendous volume, balance, and projection. Almost everything about the guitars were innovative. The bracing patterns were different. Instead of a pick guard, there was a raised purfling ring around the soundhole. The bridge abandoned the traditional pin bridge and used a straight-through approach. Ovation's biggest selling point was the pickup system. They sold with an intern