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1975 Fender Starcaster

Previously, I presented you with a post on the Gibson S-1, which was an attempt for Gibson to co-opt the Fender single-coil sound. Essentially, it looked like a Les Paul Junior that was trying to sound like a Telecaster. Today's post is the sonic mirror-image: a Fender that tried to hedge into the market for the Gibson 335 semi-hollowbody. The Starcaster featured a bound, offset semi-hollow body with an arched top and back and F-holes. This body was mated to a 70's CBS-style 3-bolt neck. The strings were inserted through the back of the guitar to a substantial bridge, a meatier version of a hard-tail Strat, which sat on a big metal block to give the bridge the height to sit over the humbucking pickups and the more steeply-angled neck joint. Unlike the Gibson, it had a maple neck and fingerboard, with black dots and one of the weirdest headstocks Fender ever made. Like the 70s Strats, it also had the micro-tilt adjustment in the neck joint, which added to the unstable feeling