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Ovation Collectors Edition: 1976 Bicentennial Model

It was dangerous for me in high school. I was a 17 year-old guitarist with established credit at the local music store. Over the years I was in high school, I bought several guitars from a small, family-run music store in Southeast Alaska. A few of them I had bought on time and I faithfully paid them off. This meant that I could pretty much walk into the store, buy any instrument hanging on the wall, and walk out with it after putting down perhaps ten percent on it as a down payment.  One evening during the school year, I had just returned home from a band practice when the family phone rang. Remember, this was 1976, the phone was on the wall in the kitchen with a long cord. My mom handed the phone to me with a quizzical look because she didn't recognize the adult's voice on the other end of the call. It was the manager of the music store. He told me they had just gotten in a brand new guitar and that I had to come see it right then. It was a collectible guitar and they would o