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Mid-1970s Ovation 1251 Breadwinner Solidbody Guitar

Ovation made a big splash in the 1970s with their round-back acoustic-electric guitars. They also produced a line of solidbody electric guitars named Deacon and Breadwinner. These guitars were oddballs in almost every way, but they were an extraordinarily high quality instrument, if you could figure out how to use it. Let's start with the body, which the line's most identifiable feature. The asymmetrical design was driven by ergonomics primarily. If you play a Les Paul seated for any length of time, you know how it likes to slide off your lap. The Breadwinner/Deacon body shape allowed you to hold the guitar comfortably in two seated positions. You could play it on your right leg or you could balance it comfortably on your left leg, the way a classical guitarist might hold a guitar. The strap buttons were placed where the guitar balanced nicely for playing while standing. The long "fin" on the upper side of the guitar gave you a comfortable place to rest your picking a