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Ovation Applause AF-15 12-string guitar

  Every now and then, a famous guitar manufacturer has an idea that is just godawful. Welcome to the 1977 Ovation Applause. One of Ovation's selling points in the 1970s was durability. Artists could take an Ovation on tour and they didn't have to worry about busting up their favorite Martin. The pickup system in them made them easy to amplify without mics and feedback. The Lyrachord back, which was adapted from materials used to make helicopter radomes, could take a big hit and not even scratch, much less crack. So somebody at Ovation got the idea to make a cheap version of their popular round-back instruments and make it even more durable and affordable. The Applause took Ovation's round back, added a laminated top, and an aluminum neck with the headstock, tuners, and frets all integrated into one piece. The result was a nearly indestructible guitar that sounded like crap. It also just looked cheap and silly. The neck on these things felt weird, like a hollow aluminum tube