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1978 Ovation Glen Campbell Signature 12-String

In the 1970s, when other American guitar manufacturers struggled with poor quality control and hostile buyouts, Connecticut-based Ovation produced innovative guitars that quickly began to dominate the stage. Ovation was a subsidiary of Kaman Corporation, a company that made radomes for helicopters. Charles Kaman, the company's owner got the idea that the synthetic material they used for radomes could be molded into a bowl shape that would replace the back and sides of a guitar. The company called the material "Lyrachord" and began making acoustic guitars with a bowl-shaped back. The guitars had tremendous volume, balance, and projection. Almost everything about the guitars were innovative. The bracing patterns were different. Instead of a pick guard, there was a raised purfling ring around the soundhole. The bridge abandoned the traditional pin bridge and used a straight-through approach. Ovation's biggest selling point was the pickup system. They sold with an intern

1978 Carvin DT-650 Double Neck

If you grew up and learned to play guitar in the 1970s, you probably remember thumbing through the Carvin catalog. Carvin has been in business since the 1940s making guitars, basses, amps, and PA systems which they sold by mail. I remember looking at the catalogs and wondering how they could sell their products so cheaply, compared to the store brands. I wondered if the guitars were just pieces of junk. Then, some ten years later, I played one. I bought the guitar on the spot. Carvin built USA-made instruments with quality materials and expertly assembled them. Then they sold them direct to the customers for essentially a wholesale price. This example shows some of the great features: solid figured maple, ebony fingerboards, coil splitting, phase switching, pickups with 22 pole pieces to eliminate dead spots as you bent strings, and more. This one has a bolt-on neck, but later models had neck-through construction. The action on these guitars was perfect. The guitar shown here has had t