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Casio DG-20 Digital Guitar

Apologies for the long delay. We had a family health crisis that took up a lot of time the past few months. Everything's going well now and I'll try to update the blog more often. Let's begin! Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead played a cool Casio synthesizer guitar. That is not this instrument. This is the Casio DG-20. It's a genuine oddity from the early 1990s. Although it is pretty un-cool, they are starting to go up in price and I suspect they will be rather collectible on eBay of the future. Let me tell you about them and my experience with one. The DG-20 should be considered a guitar-like instrument, not a guitar. It resembles the guitar in form factor, but that's about all. You can play notes and chords on it like a guitar, but not in the same way. That said, it did offer some fun, unique possibilities for a guitarist, especially on a budget. Where to begin? Let's start with sounds. If you ever walked through a JC Penney or Sears store in the 1990s, you probab