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1975 Gibson S-1 'Marauder'

Ahhh, the Seventies. This was the age of big, non-musical conglomerates doing hostile takeovers of major musical manufacturers. They tried to apply large economies-of-scale on guitar and piano building, with often limited success. Often, the case was that quality went down and weird ideas came to the forefront that otherwise would have languished in well-deserved obscurity. Despite this trend, there were some oddball successes, that were good instruments, even if they didn't appeal broadly to many musicians. One of these was the Gibson S-1, known as the Marauder. The S-1 was an attempt to broaden Gibson's tone palette and expand its range into that snappy Fender territory at a price point significantly less (for the time) than a Gibson Les Paul. At this time, you could by a Les Paul Standard for right around $495, plus another $95 for the hardshell case. (Nobody used gig bags--such a thing didn't exist. There were chipboard cases for cheapo guitars, but nobody would ever st