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JB Player Artist Semi-Hollow Guitar

Back in the 1990s, JB Player came out with some innovative guitar concepts. Yes, you have probably seen their Stratocaster copies with the Floyd Rose tremolos as were the fashion of the time. Some of them had those awful "crackle" paint jobs that were also in style. Yuck. They made acoustic and electric guitars, some of which were pretty unique, usually in the $300-$600 price range. They were marketed by Musicorp in the United States.  OK, it's now education time about how music stores operate. If you were the owner or manager of a music instrument retail store, you'd have your hands full trying to stock all the items for every different kind of instrument you'd sell. I used to run a small store in the Nineties and, believe me, it is a challenge. You have to keep stocked up with pianos, guitars, basses, violins, mandolins, banjos, amps, pedals, strings, plus horns, woodwinds, drums, heads, cases, reeds, straps, picks, capos, stands, sheet music, instruction books,