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'La Catedral" by Lame Horse Guitars

For your browsing enjoyment today, eBay has an amazingly beautiful and unique acoustic guitar: La Catedral from Lame Horse guitars. This custom instrument is visually stunning. I admit, I love guitars with lots of ornamentation. I think this originated with my interest of the art-deco banjos of the 1930s and it just carried over into my guitar life. I have always loved ornate instruments and this one is ornate inside and out, literally. The guitar features premium grade materials throughout and it makes an artistic statement with a lot of personality. The basic woods in the guitar are as follows: katalox back and sides, Englemann (Alpine) spruce top, Indian rosewood bridge, bubinga headplate, ebony fretboard and a seven-piece neck made of Honduras mahogany. I had never heard of katalox before. It is grown in Mexico and, in guitars, it is used for the same purposes as rosewood, ebony, cocobolo, etc. The guitar is ornamented with inlays from red abalone and turquoise. The inlay work give

Vintage Yamaha G100 Guitar Amplifier

Back in the mid-1970s, Yamaha introduced a line of amplifiers that ought to be a lot more collectible than they are. The G100 evolved over time through three variations that lasted until the mid-1980s. The amp featured today is one of the first in the series and is one of the more basic in design. The G100 was a solid-state, one-hundred-watt guitar combo amp with two twelve-inch speakers, which would compete with amps like the Fender Twin Reverb. Of course the Fender Twin was an all-tube amp, but it came with the inherent problems of tubes: maintenance and repairs. Solid state amps were generally less maintenance over time, didn't weigh as much, and were less likely to get damaged from handling on the road. They were also less expensive. Those selling points made solid state combos appealing to up-and-coming musicians who couldn't spare the cash for a Fender at the time.  It ought to be noted that 1970s Fenders were made by CBS, a period when many players feel that the quality