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1970s Electra Fujigen Electric Guitar With Built-In Rhythm Machine

Sometimes, the coolest guitars are the ones that are the mutants. You know, some guitar mad scientist came up with ideas of merging the DNA of two guitars together, or better yet a guitar and something not-guitar. In this case, it was a drum machine. There isn't anything much more gaudy than a guitar that has more than four knobs. (Knobs on a guitar are like breasts. More than two is excessive.) Other than an image I saw that someone Photoshopped showing a Les Paul with 11 pickups and 22 knobs, this Electra is close to the maximum allowable knob count.  It's one of those practical kind of things, like the Cordovox. When I was in high school, I taught guitar lessons at a music store owned by a guy who was an accordion player. He was fairly renowned, back in the time before the Beatles, when accordions were the top-selling instrument in America. This guy had an electric accordion called a Cordovox that plugged into a pedalboard. He could play walking bass lines with his feet whil