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1967 Gibson Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez was a popular singer in the Sixties, known mainly for his pop cover of “If I Had a Hammer” and “Lemon Tree.” He had two signature model Gibson guitars built for him that had some unusual features. Check out the double Florentine cutaways on this full-body archtop. This is a full hollow body, not semi-hollow. The neck inlays are unique for Gibson and get a load of that headstock. Today, we tend to see that as a Strat-like design, but it’s known that the six-on-a-side headstock design originated with the Bigsby Merle Travis guitar in the 1940s. Still, it’s unusual on a Gibson. These models are pretty rare today  and their price reflects it. The model currently on eBay is in the $8400 range. If you like this design, and you’re on a budget, you can search around and maybe find a Ventura copy of it. I had the chance to play the Ventura that a friend inherited from his father many years ago. It was an extraordinary fine guitar with very elegant features including a multi-ply lami