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1970s CBS-era Fender Stratocaster

As mentioned previously, the 1970s was a tough time for the guitar industry. Fender, Gibson, and some other manufacturers were acquired by larger corporations that tried to apply efficiencies to their manufacturing process. The results were mixed. To these companies, a guitar was just a piece of furniture; therefore, the process ought to have been succeptible to process improvements that were used to make furniture faster and cheaper. That didn't always work out so well. The Fender Stratocasters in the mid-to-late 1970s underwent some changes. Their necks became thicker and more rigid. The headstock size increased. The necks were attached with three bolts instead of four. A lot of Fender purists at the time were pretty skeptical with the results. For those of us who grew up in that time, these 1970s were the first Strats we laid our hands on. I suppose that makes a difference in the way we perceived them.  The guitars of this time were heavy. It was a common thought that a heavier