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Gibson Les Paul Triumph Bass

You have probably seen Les Paul playing a guitar that bears his name. You may have noted that it bears little resemblance to the stock Les Pauls Gibson markets today. The instrument has low-impedance pickups and the controls look like a mixing console. Les Paul, a brilliant showman and guitarist always touted the benefits of low-impedance pickups for their sonic fidelity and noise rejection. Gibson sold this model briefly in the 1970s. During that time, the company also produced a fantastic bass in that same series. The Gibson Triumph bass has a mahogany body with a rosewood neck. The short-scale instrument is very comfortable to play for a guitarist who doubles on bass. The low-impedance electronics include various knobs and switches for phase switching, tones, and pickup selection. The instrument covered a wide range of tones from deep to funky. One of the benefits of the system is that you can run a really long cable to a mixing console without a direct box. The Triumph bass was