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Rare 1991 Charvel Surfcaster Acoustic Electric

Sometimes, you find auctions that are long gone and sold when you Google various kinds of guitars. EBay archives them and you can still see them. I'm a historian by my education and profession and I occasionally find it useful because of the historical record the auctions leave behind, especially if a guitar is rare or hard to find. There's an odd thing the way eBay works with certain browsers and platforms. Sometimes you can find the record of an expired auction using Safari or with a cell phone browser that won't show up on a PC browser. That's the case with this one. I found this one while surfing with my iPhone, but it doesn't show up on my PC. Maybe the mobile-redirected version of eBay allows visitors to see the expired auctions or sold items, whereas the desktop version doesn't. The link where I found it is here. You might give it a try, but the link might not work for you. Rare Charvel Surfcaster Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ OHSC Either way, I found t

12-String Royall Trifecta Tricone Resonator Guitar

Here, for your browsing pleasure, is something amazing: a Royal Trifecta tricone resonator 12-string. This is a thing of beauty! If you have played a tricone resonator guitar, you know they sacrifice a little volume (for a resonator guitar) for the sake of complexity of tone. This instrument is beautifully engraved nickel plating over the brass body and it has classic butter bean tuners. I love that tricone sound and finally somebody makes it in a 12-string. I’m sure it just sings in G or D tuning. Check it out here. k